Has anyone ever told you that as a startup you don’t need a business plan? They are probably referring to that 40+ page document that only VCs read. This may be true for you if you are only a pre-product or seed stage company. But the fact that you do not need a document does not mean you do not need a plan of business. An understanding of your business, your market, your clients and your finances.

At Investable Solutions we ensure that startups have the plan that fits their needs and that investors can understand and relate. Build your plan of business right and present it as an executive summary, an investor deck or even a one pager to make yourself investable. Make sure you are supported by a dynamic financial model that showcases your business case.

Coming soon…. Some examples of great business plans


We assist startups in performing their pre-ICO and ICO process. This includes full-stack services in combination with additional service providers. As part of this process we construct the white paper, develop the token economics, analyze the blockchain logic, and link everything into the financial model.

We have partnered with companies in Israel and abroad to bring Israeli startups to the top of the ICO sector.


Someone once said that the first $1M is always the hardest. This is also true for your first $1,000 in revenues or your first 1,000 customers. “If you build it they will come” never works. You need a plan of action for how to reach your first milestone. This is called a go-to-market strategy and it is one of the things that separate an investable company from a company seeking an investment.

Over the past five years we have worked with hundreds of startups in formulating GTM strategies and ensuring that the business plan and financial model reflect the needs and expected outcomes of such strategies.


It takes more than a simple google search to know about your target market. Can you answer the simplest questions an investor will need to know: What is your target market? What is your total addressable market (TAM)? What are the trends and drivers shaping this market? What will happen in 5 years? Who are your competitors and what are they doing?

We bring our accumulated experience and know-who with techniques developed over a decade of professional consulting to companies of all sizes to provide you with professional primary or secondary market research and understanding.



Sometimes you just need some help in answering your important business questions. That is only natural. In the past several years alone Aaron and Yossi have consulted major global corporations (such as HP) in innovation, large corporations (such as Bank Leumi) in business strategy as well as up and coming startups in anything from usage case to product development. 

Even a few hours of brain-storming and some research can make the difference between success and failure.

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