We are experts in strategic consulting to technology companies.

We work with executive teams to help shape the future of their company, bringing startup tools and consulting methodologies to the traditional corporate culture. Many of our clients are technology and innovation driven multinational corporations that are always looking for growth options. This typically involves two variations:

  • Introducing a new product to an existing market
  • Adopting an existing technology to a new market

We help these companies by identifying the right questions to ask, collecting and analyzing all relevant data, and making evidence-based recommendations.

In other cases, when a company is in flux or facing a crisis, executives may misdiagnose the causative factors or need more information to make strategic decisions. In these cases we will identify the underlying dilemmas through a process that begins with a systematic diagnosis of the real issues that the company is facing both internally and externally. We will then assist the company to define or re-define the problem.

These processes usually involve deep primary and secondary research and methodological examination of all credible choices and paths. In addition, using various models we perform scenario analysis on qualitative measures as well as sensitivity analysis, all leading towards a final recommendation.

Additional services include: marketing strategy, business strategy, and funding strategy.


Once a strategic direction is chosen, the next step is to create a clear path to market. We create complete go-to-market strategies which include clear usage case definitions and an extensive business case.

The usage case answers the questions:

  • Who are the customers / users (market segment)?
  • What is the offering (product or service)?
  • What need is met and benefits gained (value proposition, positioning)?

The business case answers the questions of:

  • How will we sell (channels, direct)?
  • How will we market (marketing mix)?
  • How will we make money (business model, pricing)?


Innovation centers are startups living inside of a corporation. They encourage internal innovation, which originates with the company’s own engineers and developers. Innovation centers offer a chance for employees to have a job and a startup at the same time. We have experience in working with innovation programs on the management level as well as on the project level. We know how to assist the corporate in the evaluation process of projects’ market potential and to present a clear high-level picture that senior management can use to make well-based decisions


We offer our corporate clients access to personalized deal-flow at the stage and sector relevant them. We our global clients as their eyes and ears in Israel, looking for potential investments and acquisitions.

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